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Health and Safety

Dundas Street Health and Safety experts Blair Scotland and David Traylor 4

Employers can not afford to pay lip service to the health safety and wellbeing of employees and others in the workplace – they need to take it seriously and to get it right.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 establishes clear obligations for all of the participants in every workplace in New Zealand. It also establishes very serious consequences where those obligations are not met.

Ultimately, the law is about making sure that people are healthy and safe at work. It makes sense to have a safe workplace, culture and environment – that is how your business will ensure it attracts the best staff and achieves the best results.

Dundas Street knows the fishhooks and pitfalls to look out for. We can guide you to getting it right up front and we can help you manage the process when things go wrong.

Blair and David are our experts in Health and Safety and you want them on your side!