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We are often asked by employees when the right time to talk to us is.

Our answer is always now – if you are at the point where you think you may have a problem, getting a lawyer involved sooner means you can get the right advice about what to do – and what not to do. Don’t wait till you end up boxed into a corner with few options and no control of a situation.

”Ros wrote a great letter to my employer which helped me negotiate a good exit deal – and they paid her legal fees”

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When employees come to see us we suggest that they put some time into preparing a clear and brief summary of the issues and send it through prior to our meeting. That way we can consider the situation and know what kind of questions we need to ask you. This will make the time you spend with us more efficient and therefore reduce the cost of that first visit.

When you first call us we will need to know who your employer is to check whether we have a conflict – if we already do work for your employer we will have to give you the name of a recommended lawyer from another firm to make sure you get the best possible help.

While we will seek to resolve your issues in an informal manner at the earliest opportunity, we also have a strong track record in mediation and litigation.

If you want the best employment lawyers on your side, give us a call on 04 471 2013

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