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News Archive

Our fortnightly articles published by Dominion Post, picked up by Stuff, and NZ Herald, radio interviews, and commentary on topical issues


  • Court tests employer's subjective word

    Date: 14/05/2013

    Employees who are made redundant often feel that the decision is personal. In some cases it may well be.

  • Revenge can be far from sweet

    Date: 13/05/2013

    Employment relationships are personal and when one ends badly, thoughts of revenge can occur to either party.  A recent case has brought the issue of employer retaliation into focus.

  • Concern over Employment Law changes

    Date: 26/04/2013

    Employment law experts have expressed concerns about plans to fast-track decisions on disputes before the Employment Relations Authority.

  • Out of work behaviour can justify dismissal

    Date: 16/04/2013

     What an employee does in their own time is generally their own business.  But where that conduct impacts on their employer's reputation, or raises questions as to their suitability as an employee, it may have employment consequences

  • Susan comments on lawyer's limerick farewell

    Date: 13/04/2013

    "You know your departure memo is about to go off the rails when you open with lines from Julius Caesar."

  • Sacking by text won't pass good-faith test

    Date: 02/04/2013

    Common sense suggests that text messaging should not be used for serious communications.