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  • Paying anything but a fair wage is ripping workers off

    Date: 29/03/2017

    Deductions from an employee’s wages are also tightly regulated and will only be lawful where they are not unreasonable, where the employer has consulted with the employee regarding the specific deduction, and where the employee has given written consent.

  • False allegations can lead to dismissal

    Date: 15/03/2017

    Employees should never be discouraged from raising issues and making complaints, but those who knowingly make false allegations may well find that this backfires on them.

  • Consider the human impact of corporate restructuring

    Date: 01/03/2017

    Restructurings are an unfortunate reality of the modern world.  Employers may find themselves having to make decisions that will not go down well with their employees and may impact on their livelihood. 

  • Can employers be confident in drug testing after Tuipulotu case?

    Date: 15/02/2017

    The starting point is that before any employer embarks upon drug testing, it needs to be clear about what the purpose of the testing is, and what will constitute a positive test.

  • Office space - what are your rights?

    Date: 01/02/2017

    Short of an employee having a contractual right to a specific workspace or arrangement, an employer can generally reconfigure its office and working spaces as it sees fit and without issue.

  • The PM can give a week's notice, most Kiwis can't

    Date: 13/12/2016

    John Key, not being an employee, was free to give as much or as little notice as he wanted of his resignation. Employees do not have this same luxury, so should be warned. 

  • Liftin Pumpkin Patch's corporate veil will be difficult

    Date: 30/11/2016

    It is one thing to have a strong legal claim as an employee, but it can be quite another trying to get what is due to you. Especially so when the legal entity that is or was the employer shuts up shop and leaves nothing but an empty shell.

  • Natural disasters a time for workplace cooperation

    Date: 15/11/2016

    With many schools and businesses closing as a result of the earthquake, and Wellington's CBD generally off limits, there are also employment related impacts that will naturally raise a number of questions for employers and employees.

  • Dreamworld tragedy could have NZ implications

    Date: 02/11/2016

    The increased financial penalties for breaches of the health and safety legislation are intended to deter non-compliance and risk-taking. However, they are just one aspect of deterrence and it is tragedies like the accident at Dreamworld which highlight the true and immeasurable cost of things going wrong. Employers and other duty holders should need no more incentive than that in order to comply with their health and safety obligations.

  • Not all workplace discrimination is illegal

    Date: 19/10/2016

    There are a number of limited exceptions provided for in the Act that allow an employer to lawfully treat employees or prospective employees differently on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination. These exceptions include situations involving national security, where a position that is limited to one sex is for the purposes of an organised religion, and the ability to take into account a person’s political opinions when considering them for a role that is political in nature.